Amani Choudhry CEO

Mayfair Wealth Management

It gives me great pleasure to introduce Mayfair Wealth Management. I have created this company to focus on the global needs of High Net Worth individuals so as to provide them with a bespoke investment service. In addition to the standard Wealth Management services my aim is to give my clients Capital security without losing the excellent investment returns available in today’s world markets.

In today’s financial markets, investors are quite sensibly concerned about capital security. With banks and investment houses every day announcing massive losses, in some cases losing all of their investor’s funds, investors want the certainty of capital security. I am pleased to be able to offer security to my clients, with all of the profit opportunities of investment.

How often have you found yourself being overwhelmed by the different products on the market and not know which products would suit your portfolio and, more importantly, have been unsure of the capital risk associated with the investment offers?

On top of that, you often have expensive fees and confusing charges to contend with!

Investment companies are generally unable to adjust their existing products and offer these to you as ‘tailor made’, as they will almost always be confined to work within their existing parameters.

This is where MWM leads the way, because we offer a true transparent bespoke service providing you with expert investment advice and once your investment is established only charging you a very competitive performance-based transaction fee. So, no fixed charges, regardless of the performance for your investments, currently charged by other investment houses. Once your investment is established with us, we are so confident of our ability that if we don’t produce a profit we will not charge you a fee, and will continue to manage your investment free of charge the following year.

Our world-class expert team is available to provide you with investment advice on products, appropriate investment vehicles and investment strategies. They can also advice you on Shariah compliant products too.

Why not take the first step to a totally safe, capital guaranteed investment programs and a first class personal investment strategy by giving my team a call to discuss your investment aims in detail.

We pride ourselves on providing and excellent personal service and our team will be pleased to advise you on which investment products and mechanisms will best provide you with the means of achieving your investment aims without any capital risk.

Over the years we have partnered with an extensive network of Tax, Inheritance, financial advisors and Fiduciary Trust Companies that will add great value to your future planning for your future generations.

Amani Choudhry CEO
Mayfair Wealth Management