Bespoke Financial Services

for the Lady

Mayfair Wealth Management is very proud to announce a specialist division providing a range of investment products for ladies who wish to take a vested interest in their financial affairs. Due to the lack of first-class choices for female investors, we have created and sources a range of products from various asset classes, including: equities, bonds, FX, commercial and global property to suit our female investor. We have also made Offshore Banking and Credit Cards easily accessible in the jurisdictions of their choice such as Switzerland, Luxembourg, London, Monaco and many more.

You now have the freedom to choose these products from the comfort of your own home as well as knowing that are expert team is just a telephone call away for expert, on the pulse advice.

Women have always traditionally faced different issues when dealing with money and finances. Our research shows that despite women controlling a significant proportion of financial assets in the Middle East, and despite the success of a few prominent women in the financial arena, most women remain less likely than their male counterparts to actively invest their capital. However, women no longer want to be on the periphery when it comes to investments and investment decisions on their behalf. Women also want to be taken more seriously as well as more conversant when it comes to making financial decisions. As a result, women now have the aspiration, determination and the motivation to ensure they seek products and investment portfolios which will cater to their individual needs. Consequently, women are now more interested in becoming financially savvy due to these evolving circumstances, and to assist, MWM is in a prime position to enhance this quest for greater financial freedom.

One of our roles is to work with our investors to help create wealth through investment. We can offer our female investor a ‘hands off’ service where our female investor tells us what she want s and a bespoke portfolio can be created which really does give her the freedom to choose products and services to suit her financial needs. Or alternatively, we can provide our investor with expert advice and offer up to date information at a press of the button over the phone. You can rest assured our experts will provide information and advice in financially jargon-free language!

Not only does our female investor have peace of mind knowing that a number of products offered by MWM are capital guaranteed, she also has the opportunity of benefit from other services provided by MWM as outlined below. Effectively speaking, our female investors does not have to leave the comfort of her own home and at the same time, she can enjoy the financial freedom as well as have the task of opening bank accounts and dealing with lawyers reassuringly taken care of by our world-class experts.