Account Opening


To open an account simply click here choose MetaTrader4 as your platform and fill out the application. You will also need to provide valid photo ID, proof of address and a signed POA. Once approved you will receive a ‘Live Account’ email from site which will have your “Read Only” login and password. You will be able to access your account by either downloading our demo mt4 or via our client cabinet at Mayfair Wealth Management Forex Link.

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Security Of


Mayfair Wealth Management are working with all services which are fully regulated to hold your funds on account. Mayfair Wealth Management is regulated by CIMA the Cayman Island Monetary Authority which is the 5th largest banking center in the world with $1.5 trillion in banking Liabilities. Client funds are held in a segregated account with Wells Fargo UK, a tier 1 bank. Our site maintains segregated client accounts that are independently administered by FundAdministration Inc. What this means is your funds are safe and cannot be touched.

Mayfair Wealth Management have an excellent team of Traders who are granted access to trade these managed accounts upon your instructions.


Online Trading

MWM Global Forex is the ideal solution for the investor who wishes to gain an insight to this liquid asset class. If you are new to the Forex world, you can set up a free practice account. You will buy/sell until you are confident enough to trade with your own money. Then you can open a live account with Mayfair Wealth Management and trade at your convenience.

Alternatively, Mayfair Wealth Management has access to world class Professional FX Managers, who will manage your daily trading for you, from an account that you can access 24/7 online. The investor can benefit from diversification, daily liquidity, low transaction costs as well as straight forward implementation.


To Forex

To access your live self directed or managed account simply click on the CLIENT CABINET button you will be taken to Login Screen in live account portal where you will need to input your live account number and password. From your the client cabinet you will have access to view your Balance, Equity, Margin and open trades

The foreign exchange (FOREX) can be a highly lucrative market and it should be noted that it is also a high risk environment. Each trader should carefully take into account if his or her level or experience is sufficient for trading even with managed account services. It is advisable not to invest money you cannot afford to lose as you could undergo partial losses or all of your initial investment. You are fully responsible for any risks to your investment and that you understand that there is no guarantee that you will attain profits or receive any losses according to the products on this website, as past performance does not always reflect actual results or future events. Please consider your tolerance for risk before deciding on an investment product that suits your needs, or contact a desirable professional for advice before investing..