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Mayfair Wealth Management offers a boutique financial concierge service, a platform that Provides an array of asset classes and services to our esteemed clientele.

Our world-class team of experts from the best financial institutions and market research and  legal organizations in the world. We are continuously striving to provide you  with unique products ,offering  a distinct financial edge.

Over the years, we have sourced  an extensive range of products from various asset classes, including equities, bonds, gold bullion, FX, commercial and residential  real estate globally to suit our investors’ requirements.

Financial institutions are generally unable to adjust their existing products and offer these to you as “tailor-made”, as they will almost always be confined to work within their existing parameters.

Our advisors are available to provide you with investment advice on products, appropriate investment advices, and investment strategies. we can also advise you on Shariyah compliant products too.

We have partnered with an extensive network of banks, international tax, inheritance, financial advisors, real estate developers and fiduciary trust companies that will add great value to your portfolio planning and your legacy.

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