Art Redefined

We assist clients with evaluation & due diligence of their art and historical assets

We provide clients with Four options for monetizing their Art holdings :

  • Outright Sale
  • Digital Asset Options*
    – NFT Sales
    – Fractional Asset
  • Securitization and Sales
  • Art Monetization
  • Art Evaluation & Valuation :
    – Connoisseurship
    – Provenance & Ownership
    – Expertise
  • Due Diligence :
    – Verification of the origin of a work through investigations in international databases, e.g. ,
    databases of the Carabinieri Command for the Protection of Cultural Heritage and the Art Loss Register
    – Verification of the attribution, studying the type of work, the name of the author, the title, the date of execution, the technique or medium, the dimensions.
    – Verification of the authenticity of the work by examining the Certificate of Authenticity and
    documentation relating to the exhibition history of the work (exhibitions and exhibitions, presence of the work in the artist’s catalog raisonné )
    – Verification of the conservation status of the work certified by the Condition Report drawn up by an expert Art Restorer.

Outright Sale

  • We can arrange sales to private clients with
    utmost discretion.
  • We can assist clients with due diligence on
    buyers / sellers.
  • We work with our clients (whether on buy or
    sell-side) through the entire process:
    – Receipt and storage of acquired works
    – Delivery of sold works

NFT Sale

This option provides a risk-free means of generating some
income from Art.
The process is as follows:

  • Create a Digital Twin of the underlying artwork
  • Perform a valuation of the digital asset
  • Create a token based on the digital asset
  • Market and Sell the NFT
    * Non-Fungible Token

Why should we use NFTs to
protect Art and Luxury?

  •  Provenance
  • Ownership
  • Sustainability
  • Utility
  • Short term profitability
    Protecting art helps us to preserve artworks for future

The Use of Digital Twins in Art Defense

“Advanced technology not only allows governments to
detect authentic from false artifacts, but it also provides
new life to assets that would otherwise not be visible to us
all, being them in remote museums or even having
undergone massive destruction. Thanks to specific
research tools and devices, as well as digital, virtual and
augmented reality, today we can have a deeper
understanding of these objects and of the importance of
keeping on fighting against illicit trafficking of cultural
– Venice Science Gallery

NFT - Other Considerations


  • NFTs allow most people to hold an item
    for value.  At Mayfair Wealth Management,
    we find this to be limiting to the consumer.
  • They can’t enjoy the artworks/digital
  • They have finite utility (ownership, that’s
  • They forget that they have the items after a
    – no problem for the art owner, but a huge
    problem for the NFT owner if they want to
    utilise what they own)

How Much Do NFTs Sell For?

  • We are not permitted to suggest pricing for
    you. However, a good guideline is to look at
    NFTs not as auctionable products, as you
    might usually find in the world of art
    commerce. Moreover, it is prudent to assume
    that a valuable piece could fetch between 10%
    and 25% of its physical auctionable value as a
    – The rule and etiquette of NFTs is simple:
    There will only ever be one NFT per physical

Fractional Ownership

This option provides a means of securitising and trading a
digital asset based on the underlying artwork. With this
option, the security represents an agreed percentage of the
physical artwork.
The process is as follows:

Create a Digital Twin of the underlying artwork

Perform a valuation of the digital asset

Create a token based on the digital asset

Issue a security, linked to the digital asset, on the
appropriate exchange

Market and Sell the security on primary and
secondary securities markets

Art Monetization

Our program allows for the safe retention of the asset while leveraging its value in an income -producing program. The program combines the monetization and the revenue-generation into one initiative that does not risk the asset.

In order for an asset to qualify for monetization, it must meet all of the following criteria to certain minimums, which must be established and/or confirmed by internationally recognized third party experts.
– It must be marketable. There must be a sufficient market so that a realistic valuation can be established.
– It must be owned free and clear. The asset’s chain of title and provenance to the client must be well established. The asset cannot be hypothecated,
 liened, mortgaged, or have any other liability against it.
– It must be secure. The item must be stored or otherwise held under an appropriate level of security and have sufficient, current insurance against